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    I first started cutting firewood in1998. I soon released that some of the redgum logs were too good to be cut up as firewood so my father and I made a rail mill that used the chainsaw to cut redgum slabs.

    From there I purchased a portable Lucas Mill and concentrated on salvaging fallen and dead redgum trees that I was able to mill into furniture grade slabs and boards.

    I was soon in high demand from local furniture makers and also from local farmers who wanted me to mill on their properties so they could use the timber in building yards, bridges, pergolas and also post and rail fences.

    I originally started selling off the saw timber to a local furniture maker who then dryed it in his own kiln, he sold his kiln which lead me to purchase my first kiln and sell kiln dried hardwood slabs and boards.

    Now 15 years later I operate 5 hardwood kilns, 2 Lucas mills a Weinig 7 head moulder and a slab master to offer a range of services and products. In recent times i have also added a kiln drying service and have been drying mixed Ash,Red Gum,Ironbark,Spotted Gum and Strinybark hardwood timbers for use in furniture and building.

    My name is Justin Everett, and I own and operate Natural Edge Milling.

    Why Us?

    Choose us because you will be able to own a piece of timber with its own character and pattern as no two pieces of timber are the same. We are able to offer a wide selection of out of the ordinary patterned and sized timbers that can …